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A ghostwriter is a writer who creates content for a legal copyright holder. Though the concept of a ghostwriter started with celebrity books, the prevalence and importance of online writing has opened a new market for ghostwriting. Ghostwriters are paid per assignments or by the hour, and so do not charge royalties or a percentage of your sales. A ghostwriter is traditionally not credited as an author. Instead, the copyright holder takes the byline. The website owner is free to do whatever he or she wants with the new content.

When looking for a ghostwriter try to find someone who is experienced in writing features like the one you need. For example, if you wanted a series of blogs written, you would seek a ghostwriter with blogging experience. If you wanted a 200-page book written, you would need a ghostwriter with experience in ebook writing. An ebook is a far more complicated task than writing a few articles. A ghostwriter must be skilled in writing coherent sentences for hours at a time, as well as chapters that lead into one another with smooth transition.

Ghostwriters must be able to adapt to a client’s needs, whether that is through ebook writing or SEO copy. The client decides the manner in which each page is written. Some clients may want a conversational ebook, while others want academic-style writing for a series of articles. One of the best advantages of using an SEO firm instead of a freelance ghostwriter is that an SEO firm offers far more variety in writing voice and style. There is also greater dependability as the needs of a client are spread out throughout the company rather than one person.

When choosing a ghostwriter firm, resist the temptation to outsource your project overseas. Unlike a call center, proper English writing is hard to fake. As soon as your web audience senses inferior writing (made evident by bad grammar or bad spelling) you lose their attention. When you work with an established SEO firm you only communicate with one person throughout the project. Furthermore, you get access to other niceties like website optimization, SEO research and article submission.

Words You Want has a staff of full time writers that can help you create content for your website or ebook. With over 900 projects under our belt, the company has never missed a deadline in over four years. Contact us to arrange for ghostwriter services!

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